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This Revelation Today is about Crypto currency 

Crypto Currency is the currency Used Online for transaction and taking over the physical money. You must have heard about BITCOIN. It's the father of all cryptocurrency presently and 1BITCOIN is worth over $2000 as at today. Yes, Over N900, 000 is the value of a Bitcoin today & the price keep increasing day by day.

Can you Imagine that when BITCOIN started about 7years ago, 1Bitcoin was sold for as cheap as $0.01. That means if me and you were aware then and spent just $200 (like N60, 000) to buy it then, we would have like 200BITCOINS. That 200Bitcoin is worth N900, 000 x 200 today.

That's a whooping N180million

It's the truth! You can verify this online by doing your independent research, but it must hit above N100million no matter how you carried your own research & result.

Today I am Introducing a Crypto Currency That has more Value than Bitcoin...

It's called The Billion Coin (TBC)

TBC is presently worth over time 7 of Bitcoin but it's not yet as popular as Bitcoin and as such many people are looking down on it just like many did in the early years of Bitcoin. The Billion Coin hasn't received wide acceptance like Bitcoin but it's going to be anytime from next year and as such, it's adviceable to pack as many as you can stock today.

TBC coins are the most valuable currency in the world because they are the first

“Abundance-Based” currency and during the wealth creation phase of our global currency roll out you have the opportunity to become Millionaires and Billionaires automatically from a single one-time purchase of TBC coins. Kringles are the smallest change of TBC coins and most of the Community prefers to refer to the units of value in Kringles instead of TBC.

The GOODNEWS is that TBC grows by 3% in value daily.

Today 1tbc is Worth $48360

That's truly the worth of TBC but i will give it to you at an insane price. Less than 98% of its present value... I am not Joking 

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Firstly, like most people do, you buy TBC, anything from 1 to 100units and keep. That’s investing in TBC and by the time people gets mad over it like BITCOIN and being accepted widely, you can then dispose it or use it for transactions and make hugeeee profit. Remember when bitcoin started, it sold for as low as $0.01 and those who stocked it then are now multi-millionaires as bitcoin is now worth over $1000

Close your eyes buy TBC now and leave for keep. In a year's time or more, that decision you made today will wow you.

The ultimate value 1Tbc will reach is 1billion Euro. If you have just a single TBC today and that ultimate value achieved in the next 1year, 2years or even 3years, you know what that means? You will be over N400million naira richer.

Those who invested in BITCOIN when it was as cheap as N10 per bitcoin about 6years ago never knew Bitcoin would grow to as much as over N900, 000 by now. If i were aware then and used just N50,000 to buy Bitcoin back then, i would have 5000bitcoins and now even due I decided to come low and sell as low as 300k per one Bitcoin   N300,000 x 5000 = 2,0000,000,000.

N2billion naira.

Fine, we both missed out of that, but here is another chance. I definitely wouldn't missed out because i have stocked over 1000TBC for myself. Definitely, My Billion status is sure even if it take 5years for TBC to hit it's ultimate value.

I am patiently waiting.

And to make my subscribers benefit, i am buying from those impatient ones who are selling their TBC and making it available to you at damn cheap prices (i make some profit from this too).

Secondly, you can choose to be like me, buy enough TBC. Keep some and be selling some at the moment for those you introduce it to and make some decent profit. This strategy is what is making us Millions of naira monthly...

I will give you insight into how i did that when you buy.

Thirdly, many Estate companies in Nigeria are currently accepting TBC to buy Land & properties making its demand high and appreciable in volume.

Likewise, most car companies, supermarket etc... In Nigeria are accepting TBC as a means of payment in Nigeria.

This may Interest you

I came across these updates by some friends on facebook and it validated my hope about tbc...

The guy above claimed to have bought Jewelries and wristwatches with TBC. Again...

That update came from a facebook friend about a store in Jos that accepts TBC.I wouldn't like to pollute this page with images and all fantastic posts about TBC that i have swiped but the little ones above speak volumes. 

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There are widespread Information of people who are already living the TBC lifestyle. I haven't personally verified it though.
One of them was said to have paid for a parcel of land in Lekki with 80% TBC and 20% cash.
A store in Jos is said to be accepting TBC for payment for it's goods.
A guy was said to have bought jewelries with TBC etc.

An electronic store in Ibadan accepts 10% TBC payment and 90% cash payment for all products bought in his store. Baysal Electronics in Dugbe, Ibadan.

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You have neighbours

You have church members
You have whatzapp groups
You have facebook friends
You have relatives
You have religious organization members
You belong to a social group etc
Do you realize that if you sell 1TBC to any of these people for even as low as N50,000 , N40,000 N30,000 or even N20, 000...You can earn extra N100,000 to N500,000 within the next ONE WEEK.
That's if you choose not to keep the TBC and wait till when thousands of merchant’s starts accepting it and by then, it becomes great money for you for exchange of goods
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